3 June 2016

Corporate Entertainment: 10 Unforgettable Ideas


Keeping your workforce motivated can be challenging at times, especially when there is uncertainty in so many industries. Perhaps you’ve noticed that morale has been particularly low recently? There is no better way to rally the troops than a team building day your staff will never forget. Here are some truly great suggestions.

Corporate Entertainment

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Escape Room

Challenge your team with this popular logic puzzle that has been taking the world by storm – you have a set amount of time to find a way out of a room by solving a series of puzzles. A great way of encouraging teamwork.

Trampoline Parks

Tap into your inner child with a day of bouncing fun, and it’s great for your health!


A good sing-song is a fantastic way to release tension, why not challenge people to perform duets and take a vote on who did the best performance? A bit of friendly competition is sure to bring out the choir masters.

Go Karting

Unleash your team’s inner F1 driver with an adrenaline rush that nobody will forget!

Laser Tag

A bit of physical exercise goes a long way to improving mood and the added competitive aspect makes laser tag an all-round popular choice whether you prefer to take up the sniper role or go full-on commando!

Treasure Hunt

Get out of the office for the day and encourage everyone to get acquainted with your local area by setting up a treasure hunt. Send people off in small teams with coded messages and maps – be sure to have prizes for involvement!


Invite your colleagues to a workshop that can help them develop professional skills. These types of corporate days out in Dublin and elsewhere are ideal to show your team that you value their input and are invested in developing their career.


Who doesn’t love getting messy? It’s definitely a favourite among companies like Davis Events Agency!

Sports Games

Office of football fans? Head out to watch your home team’s next match. Nothing quite like the hallowed grounds of a sport’s stadium to capture the essence of team spirit.

Company Fun Day

Set up a day where staff can bring family along for a day of fun events. Have a range of entertainment for kids of all ages and encourage people from all departments to mingle.