21 December 2018

Customer service, a common challenge for all industries


The companies and traders of the different industries have different objectives when implementing their strategies in social media, and the vertical regulatory environment can lead to very different approaches and levels of commitment. But, on the side of consumers, one of the main concerns continues to be customer service and that is what they do in their conversations. This is a common challenge for the vast majority of businesses in all industries.

In this sense, a new investigation by Attensity reveals that customer services are usually the biggest problems that customers must face. In the banking sector, for example, problems account for 41% of the total, followed by 31% for discussions on rates and fees. Another frequent topic of conversation is waiting times at the bank, mentioned by 9% of consumers.

Customer service is also the main topic of social conversations about airlines, occupying 65% of the talks. A little less important but also with a high percentage, we see it in the hotel sector, where they occupy 30% of the conversations of users, consumers and customers.

All the industries that carry out or intend to carry out Social Media actions must know that consumers usually go to sites such as Facebook or Twitter to express their frustration or happiness with a specific product or service, which means that regardless of the overall marketing strategy , the brands must be prepared to see the comments of the users live.

For many, this involves interacting more directly with users, writing a message to a user requesting a phone or email to have a direct conversation with them to solve problems, while others believe that doing so publicly is the Better option.