24 March 2016

Defining the strategy shipments of your e-commerce


If anything produce headaches is to identify what should be the appropriate pricing strategy shipment to our online store.

The reason is none other than shipping prices is usually one of the main reasons for abandoning shopping carts and, therefore, reduce the rate of conversion of our e-commerce.

The average percentage of abandoned shopping carts is 65%. The main reason for abandoning the cart is at the high price of shipping charges with a drop of 44%. Another reason is not clearly indicate on the Web the cost of shipping, thus causing cart abandonment 22%.

Defining the strategy shipments of your e-commerceWhat option there to avoid abandonment of shopping carts?

  • Free shipping

Show “Free shipping” in your Web is a significant advantage over any competitor. It is a way to get customers; however, its viability depends on trade margins with which we work.

The free delivery can be made for all orders for a given volume of purchase (which is most common), for certain items, on certain dates, free shipping to certain countries, for paying customers annual subscriptions, free shipping for top customers or free shipping on returns (in this case we must analyze the rate of return that we have, because if it is too high, sending free return should be analyzed if economically feasible).

  • Variable Delivery Rates

Shipping prices are calculated kilos countries and areas. Applying shipping adjusted selling prices of our products can gain trust with their customers, as this shows that it is not inflating shipping costs or raising prices of items to cover expenses.

  • Flat rate

It is to offer a flat rate for any number of packages and weight. This method requires calculating the average cost of sending a packet to calculate the price to charge so strategic and not incur losses.

The main disadvantage of this strategy is that it can be a barrier for those who simply want to buy small quantities or cheaper products.

Obviously, there are other alternatives that may arise as applying shipping rates according to the product price, or weight of the shipment, but these policies do not usually have a significant impact in reducing the abandonment of shopping carts or increasing conversions.