22 November 2018

Design, simplicity and immediacy, main allies of E-commerce


When buying, both online and in a physical store, the consumer’s eye takes the most important part. In this regard, many merchants who have decided to launch into E-commerce are unaware of strategies on the appearance or usability that an online store should have to express security and confidence. The design is what gets the first impression of the users. Therefore, a good image captivates the Internet user who tends to associate the page with something positive. In this sense, taking care of the appearance of an online store is as necessary as looking after the shop window of an establishment.

Any type of company can have its space on the Internet and many are the businesses that already have it. Therefore it is necessary to differentiate from the competition to attract users and strengthen the relationship with customers already acquired. An important competitive advantage consists of having updated the page with new products, services and promotions. In this sense, the images play the main role. The choice of good images, attractive and clear at the same time, is fundamental. The more visual and dynamic the web, the more possibilities to sell and have new visits.

The organization of the space is another relevant factor as well as the simplicity of search, immediacy and a clean design. “The more you have to give a user to find the items you are looking for or to pay for them, the less you will buy,” they say from CiudadMarket , social network of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The ease of use should be encouraged for both the patient consumer and the impulsive buyer. Both need a simple and intuitive design that allows them to locate what they need in a few steps and in an accessible way.

In the case of special offers, promotions and images that are forwarded to another screen, it is necessary to verify that all the links and links work correctly, that no errors are generated or that the web does not get stuck when trying to access a very heavy file.

Nowadays everyone can access the network, without age restrictions, instruction or revenue. It is true that young people and people of middle age have more preparation and ease in the approach to new technologies and possibilities offered by the Internet. Hence, the success of the virtual shopping centers and the portal integrators of offers. These provide businesses with an important advantage: the ability to bring together a wide and varied number of users, reaching a traffic flow much higher than that of an individual company page.

“Of importance importance have become the recommendations of other users as ‘seal of quality’ and guarantee of a company or product.” “Having your own social network allows you to listen to customers, adapt to what they want and solve eventual problems and requests,” they say from the portal. “At the same time, the suggestions and opinions of customers and visitors allow us to know in depth their preferences to always offer the best service.”