22 September 2018

Digital content, a market that takes off


The Internet market today moves more than 9,000M $ per year, of which 7%, that is, 620 million dollars, belongs to the consumption of digital content (games, videos and music). Thus, it can be said that each spent an average of 4.5 dollars on downloads of music, games, movies or purchase of items. Even so, is behind other markets such as the French or North American, where the average monthly expenditure is 10 and 12 dollars. This difference in figures is explained by two fundamental reasons: the youth of the online market and the low development of micropayment in our country.

However, according to the latest data, in online commerce grew by 35% the number of transactions, while the growth in the amount was 27%. According to Luis Belaunde, Director of Operations and Innovation of EG Telecom, global communications services company, “2010 was the year that the micropayment in was consolidated. The figures speak for themselves, Internet users increase the number of transactions but do not increase the overall amount spent, which implies that it is consumption of music, games, articles, etc. The concept of micropayment begins to take off “.

More music online than physical CD’s

While in 2008 77% of music sales belonged to physical support (CDs, vinyl, etc.) compared to 23% of online downloads, in 2012 the trend will be the reverse, that is, online music downloads will mean the 51% of sales in the music industry.

However, resistance to Internet payment is still there. In fact, 47% of Internet users do not close operations due to fear of entering their financial data and 85% do not want to waste time in the transaction. The services of micropayment companies like Pagantis have the objective of simplifying the process of payment of low-value content, and therefore, increasing the conversion rate of a website to 25%. The average expenditure on digital goods would be around 5.5 dollars per month, which would mean a market at the end of the year of almost 750 million dollars in digital content.

50 million potential e-consumers through mobile

According to the latest data from the CMT, in there are more than 1.7 mobile phones per, at a time when the issuance of credit cards, according to the Bank of is reduced by 4%. The trend that the mobile phone will be a useful device for everything seems to take hold in leaps and bounds. The commercialization of tablets, which grows at a rate of 20 million units a year, consolidates the mobile as a tool for work, reading, games … and now payments.

According to Gartner, the number of mobile payment users will reach 340 million in 2014, which represents 5% of the mobile user base worldwide. The total transaction value will reach 170,000 million dollars in 2014.