9 November 2018

Do you use marketing tools of the twentieth century in the 21st century?


All the marketing techniques that try to capture clients from making invasive appearances in the activities of people, were very efficient in the twentieth century and although they are still used today, we should at least question their effectiveness.


When a business starts its first commercial activities, they focus on getting appearances in the client’s way. This is used, mass mailings, search engine positioning, mail, radio, press, etc. This behavior is defined in this way, because our experience as consumers tells us that we should appear as many times in front of the eyes of potential customers and we ignore how invasive this results.

The emergence of social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can help us to change this behavior, but there is no doubt that most companies still do not understand the possibilities of social communication and use these means of social communication as channels to continue with the methods invasive of the twentieth century.

The technology of the 21st century allows us to use human connections to spread the message of a brand, in the format of conversations and through those connections. So brands only have the job of offering something of value and worthy to comment and share. If it is true that a brand is created from conversations, to provoke conversations, we must be useful.

In summary, 21st century marketing techniques are used so that brands can demonstrate that they produce usefulness or that they give value to those who approach them. If this work is done well, it would not be necessary to appear more invasively before the client, it is the client who would look for us.