19 April 2017

Does a Community Manager know how to get 1,000 Followers in a month?


I’m not going to lie to you. As a community manager prey to madness, I was among the first people to read this type of post when they were posted on the net. I was obsessed, and wrong, with getting followers above anything else. I spent the day looking at my profiles in social networks to see if the counters went up or down: five minutes, go on Facebook; Five more minutes, on Twitter, five more, on LinkedIn. A performance in Social Media is not convenient. Do not get me wrong: the number of followers is important, but not the most important. And I’ll explain why.

Does a Community Manager know how to get 1,000 Followers in a monthYou already know how important it is for a Community Manager to properly manage the presence of a brand on the Internet. As a link between customers and the company, a Community Manager must provide the followers of that company with content that provides value to meet their needs, so they end up recommending our products and services. The dream of any Community Manager is that these customers become the brand’s ambassadors for the one they work for and know full well that in order to achieve this, the client needs to receive something in return. Until the customer reaches his goal, the brand will not achieve his in Digital Marketing. It’s that simple. And how is it achieved?

Until the customer reaches his goal, the company will not reach his goal

There is no secret formula. It is true that it is important that we follow the public, but not any public. Bringing new people who feel that a particular brand brings them something in their lives is achieved through work, effort and not forgetting that the first thing is the customer, who becomes the main character of our content, quality content, Original and capable of transmitting value. My advice, think of them when you develop your work. Only in this way will we really get to know what you are looking for, what our target audience wants. Social networks are an excellent way to make our work known, but many times we forget the essential: our work would not make sense if no one followed. Let us stop looking at our navel and listen,

Therefore, following 2000 people on Twitter so that they follow you 800 is a lousy strategy and very unprofessional. And the same can apply to any of our social networks.

The main thing is to know what we want to achieve and to whom we want to lead

Segmenting our audience based on goals means nothing more than shaping a previously defined strategy to achieve realistic, yet always ambitious, and measurable objectives. It means nothing more than reaching out to those people who are united on the basis of common interests, with which we are going to create a true community, who are going to participate more actively in it because they really feel that they are part of that group. Only in this way can they become evangelizes of our brand.

Amount vs. Quality in Digital Marketing

Quality above quantity. Undoubtedly, I keep this maxim. This way I started my journey in social networks and I did not go wrong. Followers increase day by day, some followers who really want to be there, not because of commitment, but because I bring some kind of value, whatever it is; Because I try to put the soul and the heart in each one of the tasks that I undertake; Because I am human, I do not know everything and I am not ashamed to admit it; Because I like to share my successes and my defeats with others, in case it serves them … In any case, my recommendations …

  • Think  about your audience‘s interests above anything else.
  • Do your work with love, love it, because its  recipients come first.
  • Use the Facebook Ads: create a  Landing Page, but not any one, a special, original, you have an effort, that at the time of making it public you get a knot in the stomach, because you feel fear, nerves, For what they will say, what they will think, will they like it? These works are the best, the emotions to blossom.
  • Segment your market and really reaches who can take advantage of your content.
  • Ask for help when you need it. You’ll be surprised by the good digital people out there.
  • Do not share what you have left over; Share  the things you consider valuable.
  • Be  honest @, with truth always ahead. He catches a liar rather than a cripple.
  • Talk to your community  and listen. When they ask you questions or you raise doubts, try to give answers. You will see how gratifying it is to serve others.

Therefore, do not blind yourself your number of followers. If they do not participate, if they do not recommend, if they do not interact with the brand, you will not have fulfilled your mission. And remember that if you decide to start a project, here you have a faithful follower.

I hope I did not disappoint you. I have wanted to transmit that obsessing with the number of followers will negatively influence the development of our work.

And you do you think?