9 November 2018

E-commerce: 8 keys and challenges of the after-sales service


We want to dust off concepts from other times that endure in this social cycle, exposed, ubiquitous, hyper demanding and hyper connected through which we travel. Quality of service, customer service, pre and post sale.

The moment, always sensitive in which the online shopping is completed in a virtual store, has critical aspects and often, little dimensioned, which is consolidated as one of the most frequent causes of failure in this business model. Undoubtedly relevant aspects that are presented as important challenges for companies that sell and market their products through the internet.

You must be prepared for what you offer

Always present the confusion of quantity with quality, it is essential that what we are offering, can be adequate, safe and quickly covered. Otherwise, it will be transformed into the Achilles heel of our virtual store, which will affect, not only the loss of customers, but also what – in a projected time horizon – is even more important, a diminution of our reputation, Less confidence from our universe of potential customers.

To avoid it …

Registration always at the end, for users there is a subconscious rejection to the initial registration, even if it is not so, the sensation of being making a hasty decision to buy, can reduce the chances of becoming loyal to brands. The records at the end encourage a more relaxed navigation and, therefore, open to identify our strengths.

Information and transparency

The availability information of products related to your needs, will be a step forward in the establishment of a first contact.

Generate confidence always

It allows the client to do what he wants to do, do not incite or hinder the actions, any process to eliminate products added to the shopping cart should be simplified to the maximum.

The customer has control

We are people, virtual stores should be projected as meeting points where, through added value and quality, we deliver answers to needs. Therefore, it is a very good action to allow the client to retrace his steps in order to make changes in any of the consigned data.

Payment and delivery terms

Transparent and always informed of the stage of the process in which it is. It is also necessary to be honest, most of the criticisms observed in social networks towards virtual stores focus on a breach of deadlines as well as a total absence of communication on the part of the brand.

The email, still essential

It has become an undervalued tool by virtual stores, which should be considered an added value of the brand. The sending of a notification by this once the process of the purchase is completed, generates confidence and establishes an acceptance of the commitments acquired by both parties.

After-sales service and fidelity award

The follow-up of customer satisfaction after the completion of the process, as well as including it in the lists of “special” customers, providing them with specific benefits (offers, discounts, promotions, etc.) and opening specific communication channels that facilitate their integration Total with our virtual store, not only as customers, but as flag-bearers of the brand, it helps us in achieving a first-class reputation and in the fulfillment of what the “quality of customer service” means.

Active listening and needs, the reason for existence of brands

Internalizing both fundamental premises and placing them as the reason for being of the good or service we are providing, achieving the dynamism that is required today and the constant delivery of quality simultaneously to the uninterrupted adaptation, are major competitive challenges facing the penetration of electronic commerce .