4 September 2020

Fire safety tips for keeping your workplace safe


Fire is not something that you want to take lightly. In no time at all a fire can rip through a building and can cause irreparable damage. It is extremely important that you take whatever measures you can to ensure that your business, staff and visitors are as safe as possible from fire risks. A Fire Risk Assessment Gloucester company can help you out with ensuring that your fire assessment is completed correctly and that you have all the necessary policies and procedures in place.

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Here are some tips for keeping your workplace safe.


Tidy – having a clean and tidy workplace is great for fire safety and overall health and safety. Having lots of items lying around, especially cardboard and paper can be a fire risk and trailing cables are also another potential issue. The more clutter that is left around your office space the more the “fire load” of the building increases as you are effectively giving the fire a easy fuel source that will allow it to spread faster around the building.

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Fire Safety Equipment – making sure that you have the necessary fire safety equipment could mean the difference between being able to handle a small fire yourself and this escalating to a larger blaze. Of course only people who have been trained as fire marshals and had fire equipment training should attempt to put out a small fire. It is incredibly important that only trained individuals do this as different fires require different equipment.