17 August 2018

Five keys to convert an online purchase into a lasting relationship


One of the great advice of the trade is that when someone decides to make a purchase, we must stop selling at that moment. This does not mean that we should stop reassuring new customers about our decision to buy, because after the sale, our customer service begins.

What is the best way to reassure the client without bothering him? There is a series of tips, given by Jim Logan, an expert in commerce and marketing, that will allow us to reinforce the effectiveness of a purchase decision and start a life-long relationship based on it.

1 – Get in touch with the person the day after your purchase, reiterating how happy you are with your decision and how you expect that product to be of benefit to the customer. This contact can be made through a phone call or by email.

2 – Give your client clear and reasonable expectations about what they should do once the purchase is made. It is a matter of educating them.

3 – Let them know how to request information and support in case they have any questions or problems. The quality of the customer service must be excellent, since it generates a lot of loyalty.

4 – Give an update of your product when it has arrived, or provide tracking information when you make the shipment and call to make sure it arrives.

5 – Let your regular customers be the first to take a look at the new offers and special discounts that will be launched on the market. This will make them feel special and preferred by their brand, with what fidelity will have it assured.

The most important thing is first impressions, as always happens in life. If we get new customers, we must give them a very strong support system and with that, we will not be ensuring their loyalty.