23 November 2017

Five Popular Project Management Certifications


The worst thing that can happen to a development project is for there to be no clear leadership, with the result that is descends into chaos. Work is repeated, time is wasted and deadlines are missed.

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This is why every project needs a project manager who coordinates which team is working on which task, keeps track of time-frame estimates and generally makes sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

With the IT industry running on industry certifications, here are five popular certifications for those looking to become project managers.

PRINCE2 Certification

Projects IN Controlled Environments, or PRINCE2, is extremely popular in the UK and other Commonwealth nations, providing the skills needed to consistently delivery successful projects.

PRINCE2 is ideal for those looking to break into a project management career, as the courses have no specific requirements.

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PRINCE2 certification typically costs around £5000 for all courses and exams, and roles have an average salary of over £50,000.

PMP Certification

Project Management Professional, or PMP, is a certification created by the Project Management Institute and is a widely accepted certification worldwide.

PMP certification requires candidates to have a secondary school diploma or equivalent as well as 7,500 hours leading projects.

Taking the certification exam costs £419, with the average salary for PMI-certified professionals in the UK being £70,000.

CSM Certification

CSM is an Agile Scrum certification, similar to Scrum Master training in Dublin offered by www.althris.com.

The only requirement for CSM certification is taking the two-day course. CSM is for those working in Scrum who want to move into a leadership role.

The course and exam typically cost £980, with certified Scrum Masters in the UK earning an average of £45,000.

CAPM Certification

CAPM is also offered by the PMI and is considered a ‘stepping stone’ to becoming a PMP.

The requirements for CAPM are 1,500 hours of professional experience or 23 hours of formal training.

The exam typically costs £227, with some CAPM professionals earning £50,000.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Created by the Association for Six Sigma Certification, the Green Belt certification is becoming accepted worldwide.

While there are no prerequisites to sit the exam, there are courses that exist to give you the knowledge you need to pass them.

The exams cost £220 to sit, with certified professionals earning around £50,000 in the UK.