24 October 2018

Five Things to Check Before Launching Your Website


So your new website looks great and you’re excited about going live. But before you launch your site, here are a few things for your final checklist.

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Is the Site Optimised?

This doesn’t just mean incorporating relevant keywords into your page content: it also means adding metadata so that the ‘crawlers’ can ascertain what your page is about. It also means adding alt text to your images.

Is the Site Mobile-Friendly?

Statistics from the past few years highlight that mobile devices are increasingly becoming the preferred way to access the internet. Nowadays, it is crucial that your site is fully functional and user-friendly when accessed via a handheld device, especially given the recent introduction of Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm.

Are All the Analytics in Place?

It is important to have your data collection processes in place before launch so you can immediately start collecting statistical information. You need to know how many people are visiting your site and also how they are engaging with your content. Google Analytics is a useful tool, but there are other options.

How Fast Is the Site Speed?

The speed at which your pages load can be a significant factor in how people respond to your site. If you have ever tried to browse an annoyingly slow website and given up in frustration, you’ll know how important it is not to make your visitors wait. Use one of the free tools out there to test your site speed before launch.

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Is Your Content Looking Its Best?

For example, have you proofread all the written text on your site to ensure it reads professionally? Badly written text, keyword stuffing, broken links and typos all indicate that a site is not high quality, so be sure to fix these issues prior to launch. Likewise, ensure your images and multimedia content are loading correctly and not slowing down your site.

This might seem a lot to consider. That is why many businesses use a Yorkshire web design company, such as https://www.etempa.co.uk/, to ensure their website launch runs smoothly, with all issues addressed before it all goes live.

It’s easy to rush into your website launch so you can begin attracting and retaining customers. However, by taking a little time to check these basics, you are giving yourself a higher chance of success.