8 January 2020

Follow These Top Tips to Building Your First Business Website


Whether you’ve started out on social media and now want to get serious, or want to make your own website as your starting point, building your own business website is essential to your growth. Here are some tips to help you set it up.

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Buy Your Domain

Ideally you want a simple website address that just includes your business name, rather than any complicated add-ons. It’s important to act fast so your preferred domain name isn’t taken, as the Conservative party found out in the middle of an election campaign. This may be linked to your name or your offering. For example a Bim Technology company such as https://www.bimtech-eng.com/ may choose to incorporate the name into their domain.

Compatible With Other Devices

You should ensure that the website runs smoothly on mobile devices. If it doesn’t, ensure that this becomes a priority – after all, more and more people are shunning desktop computers in favour of their phone. Don’t risk losing potential customers because they can’t access your website.

Choose Your Designer Wisely

If you’re looking for a professional web development company in London to create your business website, you should always look at their portfolio to see if their style links with what you’d like to achieve.

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Tell Your Story

It’s a good idea to personalise your website by including details of how the company came about and what your long-term goal is. Remember to keep it simple. Visitors are unlikely to read an essay about the beginnings of a business, but it’s still a nice touch to let them know who they may be dealing with.

Call to Action

It’s important that your page has several calls to action based on what you hope to achieve. You could direct customers to the sign up page for your newsletter, or prompt them to click to see new products. It’s also invaluable to include a contact us form, or an email address where they can contact you. Try to be prompt with your replies, which will encourage possible sales.

Be Prepared to Grow

Your first website will inevitably be your starting point for your development. Ensure to update information regularly, including photos, and take feedback on board. It’s right to feel immensely proud of the site, but there are still a lot of things to learn which you will pick up as you go.