27 January 2017

Free? Social Media really can be worth a paste


The belief that the internet is free, and therefore everything that is related to it also, it hurts, a lot, online media professionals. However, those who cling to that fallacy can not be more wrong and, what is worse, if they try to apply this maxim in their business strategy, they may encounter more than one unpleasant surprise.

Being on social networks is free, but not properly managed. For this it is necessary a professional, someone who knows the operation of these platforms and knows to develop; And that, despite who weighs it, has a cost, like any other activity. In addition, abuse in this area of “everything for free” is much less than inadvisable, and what is worse, a bad action can cost the company a lot, as in the case of disregarding calls for attention by customers.

Free Social Media really can be worth a pasteThe main reason why a proper management of social networks can not be free is because they involve a lot of time, effort and dedication, all from a real professional. Serving customers’ requests correctly, knowing how to empathize with the community and generate conversations is worth their weight in gold, and no automatic system or revolutionary invention is capable of achieving or performing this meticulous work where the human component is required.

Social Media requires a permanent dedication

It is necessary to constantly monitor the results, evaluate the impact of your actions and, if necessary, readapt the strategy, orienting it to the tastes and preferences of our followers. The monitoring also serves to listen and to know better our target audience or audience. Do you really believe that any family member or close friend is able to get all this just by dedicating part of their free time?

An efficient management of social media or the different marketing actions that we can develop are not a simple game of children. The necessary deep knowledge of the environment, the tools, how to interact or communicate, how to act in the face of possible challenges and problems, capacity for analysis, etc … a difficult task to be delegated to anyone who does not have a proven experience Beyond their simple participation and presence in social networks. At least if we want to develop a real management that can report the expected results.

There are companies that, when deciding to develop their presence on the internet, begin to seek and compare services and prices, finding themselves with truly abysmal differences. It really is, the offer is incredible, so you can find products for all tastes. Here ignorance can play tricks on you. There are charming snakes and vendors who offer infallible tricks for an almost symbolic price, which is sometimes even a hook, and then give the mortal stock with a considerable amount.

Although creating a corporate profile can be free for you as if it were a win, your daily management, analysis, tracking, content development and the attention that your customers need is not so much. Forget about having the altruistic help of your closest friend, neighbor or relative who does you a favor in your spare time. Success in social networks is not the result of chance, but a good strategy and a lot of work, aspects that together with the time invested or necessary can translate into an important amount of money. The truth is, “Social Media really can be worth a paste”.

Not in vain, the lack of resources is the main reason that companies claim when admitting that their presence in social networks is not appropriate. However, fortunately this concept is changing. According to different studies, more than half of the companies intend to increase the resources allocated to Social Media. Something that shows us once again that to get really good results, it is necessary to make a certain investment that may exceed your expectations in this regard. Worth? You decide, but remember, sometimes, the cheap goes expensive.