23 March 2017

From efficiency to efficiency in digital marketing and social media


In a global world such as the one that has lived to us both consumers and businesses, the art of knowing how to sell and know how to buy has been perfected over the years, and through the much-needed trial-error we have gone Learning on the fly what is good for us or what we really have to offer our target audience and what is even more important; the how.

Through how we find the two variants that drive the success of campaigns in traditional marketing and therefore do so in digital marketing and the world of social networks, efficiency and efficiency.

From efficiency to efficiency in digital marketing and social mediaIn terms of marketing, and in the words of experts like Philip Kotler, effectiveness is understood as the value that is given to the total attainment of the objectives in the agreed time. While for efficiency we understand that all tasks are performed to achieve the objectives of the campaign with the amount of resources previously allocated. It may be that the goals are achieved with less resources or that they are needed more than expected, in these cases we would talk about inefficiency.

Now, focusing on our world, digital marketing and social networks and knowing a little more the terms we can raise efficiency and efficiency in the following way:


  • Campaign objectives
  • Time (timing)
  • ROI


  • Presence on the Internet (website)
  • Presence in social networks (Twitter, Picassa, Facebook)

For example a company wants to launch a new product, in their campaign they will be effective if they set clear campaign objectives, with an agreed time for each action and realistic ROI goals. While the efficiency in this case would be to know what channels to use to reach our target (website, facebook page, blogs, content creation, twitter …)

Having the clear line of action we are asked several questions being the mother of all of them, what is better to be effective or efficient in digital marketing?

The company that wants to enter the online world must take into account what it wants to be effective, that is, clear objectives. In addition it has to have a plan of action and to develop a timing of actions, and of course to have clear objectives of ROI, as can be the 4R’s; Reach, Resonance, Reaction (Final Impact, Intention to Purchase, etc.) and Recommendation.

The efficiency in marketing 2.0, understood as the presence or use of different channels of web communication, whether it be pages or social networks should not be total or partial, it must be THINK. The company can benefit greatly from this, distancing itself from its competition and acquiring a higher level for the consumer.

We have to know where our target is at all times on the Internet to know how to talk and encourage it to become a lead and introduce us to its short list of brands and then stay there.

In the end, we have to be effective as well as efficient, because being more or less effective or more or less efficient in the long run our campaigns will notice. But being tenacious and creative you can get great things.