1 April 2018

From Social Media to Mobile Marketing What is the most effective strategy for our business?


We are undoubtedly in a sweet moment where the internet, finally has positioned itself as the great alternative for brands and advertisers. Social media, mobile marketing, viral marketing, online advertising, etc … These and many other marketing strategies have proliferated taking giant steps. Even so, there are still many companies that are in the position to establish what kind of strategy can be more effective for their business. However, it may be that the most accepted question should be, what is our objective? and What kind of strategy can be more effective to achieve it?

Sometimes when different marketing strategies are mentioned or compared, it can give us the feeling that a certain confrontation between them is generated. This is more effective than that or another, better social networks than search engines, banners are not effective but if advertising on Facebook, etc … All this can undoubtedly generate and sow a sea of ​​doubt in many of the companies who intend to take the step to plan a strategy on the internet. But the truth is that we can highlight a common aspect in all of them. Each and every one of them works if they are used correctly! although its effectiveness and the results that we can obtain can be determined by different factors; its planning, its development, our objective, budget, the type of business, product or service,

The rise of social networks and social media marketing has generated a certain bubble that seems to leave little air that can breathe other types of strategies that seem to be in the background and sometimes, even seem secondary or less important. An important error that we can remedy if we transmit to business thinking the true reality that surrounds us. And the fact is that the search engines have not stopped working or be less relevant, display advertising and sponsorships are still effective, content marketing is once again the pillar of any online marketing strategy, viral marketing continues giving us great examples of success,

The great secret, if it was a secret, because for many has been unveiled on many occasions, lies in the ability to take advantage of the capabilities and benefits that each type of strategy can bring to our business. Hence, the Mix, remains the most widespread approach and allows compensation by strengthening with the virtues of some, the shortcomings of others and vice versa.

We can accept that nowadays, what consumers think about brands and their comments and criticisms in social networks can not be omitted, but no less important is to continue maintaining a prominent position in the results of search engines, or the ability to Mobile consumers can access our brand information without barriers or limitations.

We have to think of online and digital marketing as a real mechanism where all its pieces can fulfill a specific objective or function, and when all of them work together and in a coordinated way, they can make a powerful ‘business and brands’ available to them. machinery ‘that will undoubtedly yield great results.