30 June 2020

Gas Generator Problems


If your generator has run into some problems, don’t worry as there might be an easy fix. Here are some common issues. For bigger problems, consider Gas Generator maintenance from a site like Gener-g, suppliers of Gas Generator services.

1) Low oil level

Take a look at the level of oil inside the crankcase. Add oil if the level is low. Keep in mind that trying to run the generator on uneven surfaces can cause the sensor to go off warning of low oil even though there is enough oil.

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2) No gas

Look in the tank to ensure there is enough gas still in the tank. It’s important to add fresh gas when required, particularly to avoid a hard start or clogging. Never use old or stale gasoline. If it’s older than a couple of months, replace it with fresh gasoline.

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3) The spark plug needs changing

As time goes on, a build up of deposits can occur on the spark plugs. To see if this is the case, remove the spark plug and check for deposits. Clear the spark plugs using a small tool.  To test the plug, pull recoil starter while holding the body of the spark plug for the engine crankcase. If sparks are a strong blue, there is nothing wrong with the ignition coil. Should no spark appear or it’s weak, take it out and replace.