2 March 2020

Give Clients the Best First Impression with These Tips


When you are a business owner, it is not just about working a 9-5 job and coming home – there is certainly much more to that. You will need to impress potential clients and win over the contract; if there is a lot of money that clients will have to pay out for your services, then they will need to know everything about you and the company. If you have a sales manager, then it is up to them to secure the deal over the phone or in person, but as the CEO of the business, you will also need to give a strong first impression. A business owner that has inquired about your services will want to know if you are a professional and an established company – they will want to gain something from you after all. Here’s how you can give potential clients the best first impression.

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Talk the Talk 

You know everything about your company, and how it can benefit other businesses, so be confident and tell them everything that there is to know; if you come across flustered and unconfident, then it is not very likely that the potential clients will have much confidence in your business – here are some tips for making better sales calls. If you have a sales manager that deals with these calls, talk them through the client, and how we can best help them – the idea of a sales call is to win them over and get them on your side. Be friendly and cheerful when talking with them, and be the person that they can come to and approach if they have any questions. Offering them complimentary services will also impress them more; if they are not sure whether to use your services or not, offer them a free trial of your work. 

Show Hard Work 

If you are doing a free work trial for them, make sure to put 110% into that piece of work; this will really show them what you and your business can do, and it will make them think very highly of you. Make sure to complete work to the stated deadlines, and make sure you really deliver. Always make it clear that you are there if they have any questions to ask you. If they send you an email, reply back quickly, and be sure to keep updating them of any work you’re doing by email or telephone.

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The First Meeting 

If a new client is coming in, you need to give them the best impression of you and your business; look presentable and wear a smart suit, tidy up the office to make it look professional, and make sure you have figures and statistics prepared for when they arrive. If you need new office chairs to impress, then you could get in touch with a Gloucester office Furniture company, or an office furniture company near you to make sure your office looks smart and presentable. On the day of the meeting, tell everyone in the office about the client meeting, this will ensure that they are polite and welcoming. When the client arrives, greet them with a smile and shake their hand, offer them a drink and get someone in the office to make one for them; if you have everything prepared, and don’t keep them waiting, this will give them the impression that you are organised and enthusiastic to meet with them. The most important thing is to make it effortless to work with you, make it seem like you are doing the hard work whilst they enjoy the work that you have offered them. 

The Start of a Work Relationship 

At the end of the meeting, ask them if they have any more questions, and when they are ready to leave, make sure to show them out of the door and shake their hands again. Don’t forget to give them your partnership contract that has all of the work requirements on both parts, and ask if they have all of your contact deals so they can get hold of you. This should be the start of a great professional relationship.