30 March 2017

Great Catering Ideas for an Outdoor Event


If you’re planning an event, the food can make it something to remember. Here are some tips for choosing the best food for your event.

Great Catering Ideas for an Outdoor Event

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Who is the Food for?

When creating a menu for your event, it’s important to strike a balance and choose food that will suit your guests and theme. If you are hosting a black tie dinner, you might be expected to serve artistic looking bites which are served with great attention to detail. If you are hosting a fun day, you might be expected to serve more hearty meals with simple choices to suit everyone.

Savoury Food

If you like the idea of burger vans for practicality but want something a little different, look at pizza and sub vendors. They can make fresh food whilst feeling easily accessible to those who prefer to eat what they know. Sandwiches can be as simple or as specialist as you want. You could serve a classic BLT, or add something a little different such as five spice duck. Serving individual portions in small containers, ranging from omelettes to pork chops, is a good idea when eating outdoors as it allows your guests to have a wholesome meal without having to carry a heavy plate.

Sweet Treats

Serving cakes and cupcakes is always a hit, but to add a touch more sophistication you could try adding French macarons to the menu. Cake pops are practical for eating outdoors, but you could mix them up a little by serving chocolate truffle pops instead.

Great Catering Ideas for an Outdoor Event2

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You can’t forget drinks for your event, so why not look into beer barrels to save stocking up on lots of bottles? Cocktails are also good for any event and you can also incorporate them into your food with high end jelly shots or Pimms soaked fruit. Remember to check whether you will need a temporary alcohol licence if your event isn’t at a licensed premises.


You might want to look into marquee hire in Kent if you are putting on your own event, so shelter is available should your guests need it. Some venues will have their own available but if you are planning it yourself, websites such as http://www.2intents.co.uk/ will give you an idea of what you can get.

With a well thought-out menu, your guests surely appreciate your event even more.