29 December 2016

How and why SMEs must tap into the potential of social media and media


Small businesses have included social networks within their marketing strategy. The data collected by Placester and MarketMeSuite indicate that 84% of SMEs use them to get customers. In addition, their confidence in these means is such that 80% plans to invest more time in them. But how much time do small businesses spend on social media?

26% of SMEs dedicate at least one hour a day to manage their online presence through social networks. 58% acknowledge that they try to get at least 10 minutes a day for these tasks. The most positive finding is that 4 out of 5 small people are clear that they will pay more attention to their Social Media Marketing strategy.

How and why SMEs must tap into the potential of social media and mediaAs for the “Why they use these channels,” 84% turn to social networks as a way to connect with their customers and 62% acknowledge that they use social networks because this is where their target audience is. In parallel, more than half of these companies (56%) indicate that customers expect to find them on social networks and for 53%, social networks are a tool for conversation.

Responding to the benefits obtained from this type of medium small and medium businesses, emphasize that their efforts are translated especially in an increase in traffic and web notoriety. It is estimated that companies with more than 1,000 Facebook fans are able to increase their referral traffic by 185%. For their part, companies with between 51 and 100 followers receive 106% more traffic than those that at most have 25.

Another of the issues analyzed is the way in which social networks influence the intention to buy. One aspect to emphasize if we consider that 71% of the users of social networks prefer to buy products of those marks to which they follow. The data show that 46% of customers take into account the information found in social networks when buying. 50% have made some purchases following the recommendations obtained through social networks.

With regard to the most effective social networks, this will always depend on the type or activity of the company, strategies or objectives. 57% of SMEs recognize that they have obtained customers through LinkedIn, while 48% of Twitter has been very useful. For its part Facebook appears a little behind, with 42%. Obviously these data may prove to be subjective and variant as we have been able to analyze in other studies.

But the big question for SMEs is undoubtedly what should they do to get the most out of their work? In this sense there are guidelines and recommendations on essential strategic processes that can help make the effort worthwhile beyond mere presence.

  • Add value . Base your strategy on sharing quality content, of different format, in order to attract the attention of the public through the different options.
  • Post frequently through various channels. Test different schedules and analyze the results and response rate based on the day of the week and the time of publication.
  • Ask customers . Encourage interaction with surveys, ask about what you like most about your product, or what it would look like.
  • Using social networks as a channel for customer service . It is a fast, direct and easy to use medium; All at a low cost. So do not waste your potential to prove you’re there when your client needs it.
  • Experimenting on new platforms . The world of Social Media does not end on Twitter or Facebook, goes much further. It includes microblogging platforms, video management, images and even vertical social networks exist. Your niche may be waiting for you to make an appearance.
  • To count on the work of professionals. The management of social networks carries a great responsibility. Therefore, it is advisable to have the advice of experienced staff, with the appropriate training and who really knows what to do at any time.