27 April 2018

How blogging can fit into your web design strategy


A blog is often treated as an afterthought once a business website is already live; however, for your blog to be effective, it is important that it forms part of your overall web design strategy. Here are some things to consider.

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What is the point of your blog?

It can be tempting to ‘have a blog’ simply because other businesses in your sector maintain one; however, it is important you know what you want your blog to achieve. By thinking about your blog as part of your web design strategy, you can make a plan that incorporates such things as posting frequency, layout, and how you intend to promote your posts. It is also important that your blog is clearly visible on your site.

Content is crucial

Related to this is planning your blog content. This does not have to mean a detailed schedule; however, deciding what type of content you are going to post, your SEO strategy and who is going to provide your content are all important parts of your web design. If you want lots of images and multimedia content, for example, this will feed into the overall look and functionality of your site.

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We have all read blogs that are filled with lazy, typo-riddled content that has not been updated for far too long. If you need to outsource your blog requirements or hire in-house help, planning ahead will ensure your launch is seamless and your blog is continually maintained to a high standard.

Call in the experts

For some businesses, the choice to have a blog is obvious; however, if you run a local café in Gloucestershire, a bicycle repair shop in West Yorkshire or a B&B on the south coast, for example, you might question whether you need to incorporate one into your site. This is where a professional website design company in Gloucester, Leeds, Brighton or elsewhere, such as https://www.net9design.com/, can help. An agency can take a holistic view of your whole web design as part of your marketing strategy and help you to find a solution that is effective and manageable.

Maintaining a blog can be time-consuming, but it can also enhance your online presence and boost sales. Far from being a bolt-on feature, blogging can and should be a key part of your overall web design strategy.