29 June 2020

How do diesel generators work?


Have you ever heard about a supermarket’s electricity going down and their backup diesel generator, like the ones from https://www.gener-g.co.uk/diesel-generators/ ┬ákicking in? THese generators are very common in industries such as supermarkets where they need to ensure that their refrigerator items remain cold, even in the event of an electricity outage. But do you know how they work?

The generator is made up of:

  • Diesel engine
  • Alternator or electric generator

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The diesel engine is what drives the system and the chemical energy that takes place during the ignition of the diesel is turned into heat and force which then rotates the alternator and provides the power to the building or unit that needs electricity. In order for the diesel to be ignited it is injected into a compressed area of charged air which has reached a temperature of a staggering 750 degrees Celsius. This then causes the spontaneous combustion of the diesel.

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These generators can be used as back up systems like we have mentioned above or they can be used when temporary buildings are put in place and an electricity supply has not been organised or is not possible due to the location. This could be on a building site or a motorway maintenance location.