20 December 2018

How Estate Agents Are Benefiting from Software


Today’s businesses are run by computers and software aimed at making the day-to-day running of companies more efficient. Estate agents and those working in the property industry are no exception and rely on these systems to market and sell their properties.

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More recent software developments targeting estate agents include systems which help with compliance, accounting, management and portfolios, leading to improved customer relations and better business results.

Other benefits include assisting staff with time-consuming administration and enabling staff to access information quickly and easily.


Specific software can help companies manage their staff and cut down on administrative tasks. They have the ability to generate performance reports and produce target sheets, as well as help with scheduling meetings, allowing for shared access and multiple log-ins for all staff members and also to help highlight and target potential clients.

Many businesses understand the benefits of installing and investing in up-to-date software but don’t want the disruption and teething problems that often come with new technology.

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Companies offering CRM for property management such as property deck can provide software for those working in the property industry which has many benefits.


Targeted systems can improve productivity by reducing the amount of inputting staff have to undertake. Estate agent software can further reduce running costs by centralising client details.

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The software can keep all information up to date, and so any staff member needing contact details or an update on a particular client can easily and quickly access the information they require.


Estate agent software is capable of integrating with other systems, so it is simpler and much more convenient to search for information – for example, if you have a client looking for a particular style of property or need to draw up a target list for a new property which has recently come on the company’s books.

The housing market is often cause for speculation and even more so since Brexit. Recent reports show the average asking price of property is down and that the market is going through difficult times.

When deciding to introduce a new system into your office, remember to allow time for staff training and the switch-over and ensure you are up to date with the new data protection rules.