24 March 2018

How to choose the most suitable static mixer for your application


Static or motionless mixers are used across a wide variety of industries to mix both liquids and gases. Here is a look at how to choose the right mixer for your application.

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What is a static mixer?

A static mixer gets its name from the fact that the mixing elements are static and do not move. Although the equipment itself is precision-engineered, the mixing process is quite simple but highly efficient. This leads to reduced costs in most cases.

Because the mixer can be completely sealed within the pipe system, it’s particularly useful in industries such as the highly regulated food sector, where cross-contamination of products must be minimised, if not eliminated entirely.

The Food Standards Agency provides guidance to the food preparation industry on regulations and enforcement.

Heat is often required to aid the mixing process, so static mixers can have heat transfer jackets added.

What to consider when choosing a static mixer

Most companies that supply motionless mixers, such as https://www.statiflo.com/, can advise you about the best product for your application, but there are few things you should bear in mind.

To mix efficiently and benefit from the cost savings that can be achieved with a static mixer, you will need to ensure that the flow rate is correct. This is regulated by the diameter of the pipe, the number of elements and baffles, and how they are spaced.




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What components are you mixing and what are their properties? For example, what is their viscosity and density? Do you require injection sites so that components can be added at specific points throughout the mixing process, or can everything just be added at one time?

What pressure drop do you require to achieve the optimum mix? If it’s too low, components can be forced along the side of the pipes rather than through the elements and baffles, and you won’t get a thorough mix.

You should also consider the space you have within your existing application. Some mixers can be fitted into restricted spaces if necessary, but you should make sure that this is the case with the one you’re considering.

A motionless mixer can offer great benefits, but it needs to be specified correctly to achieve optimum use.