5 July 2016

How to define the Mission, Vision and Values ​​of your company


Today I want to tell you about one of the most important steps you would have to give when creating your company. As discussed previously, create a company goes beyond possibly together with several colleagues to sell a product or service. This is no joke because if you want to have a future as entrepreneurs in any sector, will have to start to see the business world with new eyes and, in a way, take the structures and documentation appropriate measures to ensure the proper functioning of your small company. In this sense, one of the elements that best define a company is its document “Mission, Vision and Values”, so grab a pencil and paper as it will be better to set yourself the batteries with this issue?

Broadly speaking, we can define this document as a “roadmap” business that defines who we are, who we want to become and what values references that will help us achieve that goal are. In this sense, we can create a dynamic group to help us define it or ask for help from professionals, although it is certainly a process of self-knowledge of the company in which we participate and contribute among all team members.

How to define the Mission, Vision and Values of your companyMaybe you seem silly and many of you even will know of its existence, but it is proven that companies that have a specific and shared mission statement, vision and values achieve better affront unexpected that face and adjust milestones to achieve the common goal more adequately, since all team members know who they are, who they want to be and the values on which the company is based. Of course, knowing these details also helps to develop better marketing strategies and guide negotiations with customers and potential investors.

Defining the Mission, Vision and Values of our company

You can find hundreds of references on the internet about these items, but I want to explain briefly what each of them and what to keep in mind when drafting the document.

Mission: Broadly defines our activity in the market to which we belong and the public that we go and particularities of our product or service. Basically, it tries to explain what we do in a couple of lines, so we can ask questions like “what do we do?” “What do we do?” “Who will buy our product or our services?” “What differential element offer?”

Vision: In this case, defines the goal we set at the enterprise level and try to get the goals in the future. This goal should be a motivator, so the mess must be realistic and achievable level this time, we can use answers to questions like “What do we want to achieve?” “How do we evolve our company?” “We will offer the same products to the same type of customer?” or the typical “where do I see myself in ten years?”

Values: Mean value as a personal quality that, in the business field, becomes an ethical principle on which the corporate culture of our company is based and allow us to create patterns of behavior. Here we must be careful because we’re talking about a set of ideals that reflect the reality in the future of the company, not the ethical system of its members or their moral convictions. Values such as trust, honesty, responsibility, and respect and self- improvement are common in the lists of the company, which should not integrate more than 7-8 elements.

As you see, we have discussed a very simple document (in most cases not even occupy one page) but vitally important for our small businesses, as it will help us orient better face the future, our priorities and plan optimally our campaigns.

And you, have you already defined your mission, vision and values?