16 January 2020

How to Feng Shui your workspace


We would probably all like to make our working environment a little less stressful! Then it’s a good idea to introduce some feng shui into the office. Feng shui is an ancient art hailing from China that is millions practice every day that relies on the arrangement of objects and positioning to channel specific positive energy into the physical environment. The principles of feng shui can help fill your working environment with balance, calm and productivity.

  1. Rid your space of clutter

The top action before anything else is to clear your space of clutter. Mess and clutter are not conducive to a productive workspace. Not only can documents and to-do lists get lost in the pile of documents that are not relevant, but mess can throw your mindset when sitting down to do the job. Make it a priority to tidy at the start and end of each day to empty your space of rubbish and clutter giving you the freedom to concentrate on tasks. This will give you more physical space to work on tasks, and freeing up more space mentally and remove unnecessary stress.

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  1. Bring the outside in

Even if you cannot face the windows or sit outside when for work, it is important to be surrounded by natural things in your work environment. To do that, just bring a few plants and succulents to place around your desk. Be sure to choose pieces that add to your space and not overwhelm it. Also, keep in mind how much care you can give to the plants – no one likes to have a dead leaf falling on their keyboard!

  1. Invest in a good chair

Although it often goes unnoticed, your chair is probably the most important part of your cubicle. This is where you spend most of your working time and investing in a comfortable chair can have a big pay-off. A top recommendation is to have a chair with a high back as it will make you feel more supported. You also may want to consider the colour of the chair, as well as placement. Ideally, your seat should face into a bright and airy space and not be placed right in front of a doorway. This is thought to draw energy away from the space. For a wide range of Bristol Office Furniture, visit a site like Bristol Office Furniture from 1stDzine

  1. Move your desk

If you can, move your desk so that it faces the entrance of your office. When you face the entrance, you put yourself in a commanding position. This, of course, is not always possible if you work in a cubicle – but there is a solution. Hang a mirror on your desk so you can see the entrance of your cubicle all the time!

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  1. Check your personal energy

Employing the rules of feng shui is the ideal way to re-energize your office, but it’s not a quick fix for all the obstacles that you may face in the workplace. The way to bring positive feelings into your space and overcoming challenges is by allowing it. It is important to check in with yourself daily and reflect the energy you bring to the office. Take a few minutes at the beginning, middle and end of each day working through how you’re feeling. If you find yourself stressed out, take a step back and try to reset your energy. By doing this, you really embrace the practice of feng shui.