6 April 2017

How to generate exclusive and suitable content for mobile users


Surely you find that you find it harder to read on your mobile than on your computer; The small size of the screen makes it difficult to understand the text. For this reason, when it comes to generating content, it is not the same to write for mobile as for desktop. The research work carried out by the University of Alberta could observe that, in the same content, it is 108% more complicated to understand the information that is shown in the mobile devices.

How to generate exclusive and suitable content for mobile usersTherefore, you need to optimize your mobile content in a way that is easily understandable, so that the user can quickly get the information they need and the visit can lead to conversion. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

Focus on the essential content. The less information you can see, the more you can remember. Short-term memory is very weak. Do not satures the screen with a lot of information. Instead, extract the main ideas and show them in a clear and schematic relationship.

Prevents users from having to scroll to get the basic information they need. By forcing them to move on the screen, their attention is distracted, assuming an overexertion for their memory, so it is easy to lose some relevant information along the way, in addition to the investment in time that this entails. On the other hand, the site loses usability, which can lead users to leave the page, looking for another that offers what they need in a single glance.

It directs the view of the users by the screen. Design the interface in such a way as to facilitate the way, and have a click click to what you are looking for.

It highlights the most important elements. As can be the price, or the main advantage of the product. This is a particularly applicable advice in the case of calls to action (CTA). Such as the “Expand information”, “Subscribe”, “Share”, “Ask for quote”, “Call now” and, of course, “Buy” buttons.

It uses simple, clear and direct language. Forget the rhetoric and elaborate prose. Here the use of your fine pen can be counterproductive. Get to the point; The reader will appreciate the savings in time and effort that will mean digesting your message.

Take care of the navigation menu. Make it useful and intuitive, picking up on the first level the essential sections of the page.

Do not abuse graphic elements. The images are also content, therefore, uses those indispensable, designed to enhance the benefits of your product, or facilitate the understanding of information and always optimized to minimize the loading time. In the case of smartphones, we emphasize the usability of the design.

In general, he practices simplicity, both in design and in the expression of language. Keep in mind that users do not read, are scarce; So put everything very clear and in sight.