15 December 2016

How to give good customer service on Facebook


Today there are many companies that have expanded their customer services beyond telephone support or e – mail. Social networks have become the latest and most innovative way to provide efficient service to customers attention, but before start offering this service in compliance with quality standards, a number of factors must be taken into account. Here is how to get it. 

Companies that have a presence in social networks and became Facebook in its early days , have now understood what the next step and accepted the challenge of offering real services that add value to its users, among which support service clients. 

How to give good customer service on FacebookThe question is: how can we set up a Facebook customer service that is attractive and at the same time work? 

I will try to put on the table some aspects to consider and that everyone can adapt to their own organization. There are four main points that should always follow:

  • Never delete comments from your users
  • Try to exchange private messages with them
  • Responds as soon as you possible
  • Create personal ties with the customer

Why is it important not to delete comments? 

Ever you can pass through the head delete a comment from a customer, especially if it is embarrassing for the company and you think you can hurt your image. First of all, Do not ever delete the comment! If you do, besides getting frustrated customer who has made the complaint, you will see others doing what is your strategy to address the problems. Add up the client that originated the complaint may even get angry, retaliating against the company and its social networks, so that the case can be expanded quickly, staying out of your radio control. 

An exception to this rule are the comments included offensive language or spam. In that case you can remove the comment and explain why. Add to this exception all messages that are outside the rules of use of your social networks (sure these standards have well defined and visible, is not it ?) 

Better with private messages

One of the recent changes that included Facebook, it has been the possibility that the followers of a page, can send private messages to administrators of it. This option allows you to lead the field of private, problem management, taking visibility into your corporate wall. 

Some users might not know this option or who have not thought as a means of contact with the company, so it would be nice to yourself’d stop down the possibility that users will send personal information (whether contact information, an order number, etc.) through a private message. This feature is not mandatory for Facebook pages and can be enabled or disabled in the admin panel.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

As the saying goes, the sooner you respond to messages from your users, whether private or not, the better for everyone. They will have the information they have requested quickly and your company, give the image of being a serious, solid and above all efficient company. 

Even if you do not have a very clear and concise answer to the question at hand it is much better answer the customer to ignore. Ignoring a customer will assume lose confidence and even though the question at the beginning not a complaint, can generate disappointed or dissatisfaction with the service received. 

Know your customer and make yourself known

Try to give personalized service to your customers. Although it is a screen and a keyboard, the other side is a person and not just because you can make a personal deal face to face, this factor is very important. You know the name of your client, so use without fear and let them know they are talking to a real person, not a machine or a large corporation faceless. It is much easier to get angry and abusive behavior towards a logo that to a person. When they realize they are really talking with Luis, a guy who answers soon and that seems good people, their behavior will be much more serene and quiet. 

In short, what every customer wants when directed to a service customer is that its incidence is treated as well as possible and that there is someone onthe other side willing to hear the proposal and try to find a solution if possible. Therefore, the best advice of all is to follow what common sense would dictate and try to get in the skin of the client itself, responding to their request, with the utmost cordiality and excellence possible.