27 November 2015

How to install windows 10 on the computer


Microsoft has made great strides with the launch of its new operating system. That’s why we teach you how to install the trial version of Windows 10 on your computer legally and free.

Guide to Install Windows 10 on the Computer

In recent years, Microsoft has been the victim of countless reviews by constant flaws and vulnerabilities of its flagship operating system. However, with the launch of this new technique version it appears that the multinational firm marks a key milestone in the franchise. Perhaps this is why many users are encouraged to install the trial version of Windows 10 on the computer.

windows 10

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But more tentative offer is made ​​when Microsoft confirmed that it can be installed on any computer with free original operating system or pirate. This is something that has never happened before, especially when you consider that the source of revenue Microsoft is generated from software sales (quite the opposite is the case with Apple, for example, who gets his profits from the sale of items of equipment such as Mac, iPhone, or iPad).

Thanks to this important announcement, we can enjoy new applications and renewed functions just install Windows 10 free on your computer.

Advantages of installing Windows 10

There are many reasons to be encouraged to test the preliminary version of Windows . Anyway, we list some of the most important advantages:

– Start Menu : This release includes the Start button with a new look and better options to customize the applications shown.

– Integrated Desktop : Microsoft understood that the idea of alternating two desks was a mistake. Therefore, Windows 10 has an integrated and compact desktop.

– Synchronization with all computers : Now it will be easier to link all your devices and computers using WiFi or Bluetooth connection

– Voice assistant Cortana : Undoubtedly the main protagonist of Windows 10 is the awarding of voice assistant Cortana.

Step by step, how to install Windows 10 free

Before installing the trial version of Windows 10 free on your computer, it is recommended to create a backup to save all your information. Here are the steps you must meet:

  1. Download Windows Insider Program: Go to page Windows Insider Program and click on the button “Start update now” to download the program allows you to manage the free installation of the preview version of Windows 10.
  2. Install Windows Program Insider: Insider Program Install Windows normally and run the wizard will search the 32 or 64 bit Windows 10 (according to the characteristics of your computer).
  3. Create an installation media: Once the installation file is downloaded Windows 10, you must choose an installation media. You can choose to burn to a DVD drive or USB memory 4GB least
  4. Install Windows 10: Run the installer from your DVD drive or USB drive, and follow the steps in the wizard. After several minutes, your computer will restart automatically to install Windows 10 free.
  5. Navigate the Windows desktop: By now you should have installed Windows 10. The first official image that appears on your screen is a built-in desk with the Start button to navigate to different system applications.

Congratulations ! Now you can enjoy the pre-release version of Windows 10 on your computer.