23 June 2017

How to Play Golf: the Basics for Beginners


Golf is probably one of the most fun and underrated sports. Indeed, golf seems stationary and not very active, but over the course of a single day, you will have often walked over two to three miles. Moreover, you need to use your skills to get your ball as close as you can to the hole. Over multiple yards, this can take an incredible amount of skill. Not only do you need to know how to use your eyesight – you also need to know how to use your tools. Typically, you will have a set of clubs that you will take with you during your golf game. If you are a beginner, here are some basics for learning golf.

  1. Get the right clubs – you only need the basics to start. On most golf courses, you are allowed to bring up to 16 clubs. However, when you are just starting out playing golf, you will only need three or four clubs. Only when you become more experienced will you need more clubs.
  2. Make sure to have enough balls to learn with. When you are first learning how to play golf, you will lose a lot of balls. This is why you want to stock up. It is also the reason why you don’t want to pay a lot of money for premium balls. In the beginning, you will be losing a lot of balls. This is especially the case when you are at the driving range and you are practicing your drive. The driving range will be an important place to practice your accuracy and your distance.
  3. Use a golf cart to get around the course. When you are playing golf, you will want to have a golf cart to get to each hole. You can usually rent golf carts from a company like 30A Custom Cart Rentals. If you are playing on an 18-hole course, you will need transportation to get around and to play the game within a certain amount of time. You could be at the golf course all day long if you don’t have transportation and most courses won’t allow any other form of transportation on the green.
  4. Start with driver and end with a putter. When you are playing on a course, it is important to remember which clubs to play with. Usually, you want to start with a driver to hit the ball a far distance, and you want to use a putter to get the ball in the hole. When it comes down to it, a driver is built in a certain way that allows the ball to travel the most distance – the club is at an angle. A putter, on the other hand, is weighted and is built to get the ball in the hole.

The goal is to make as few swings as possible. On top of everything, it is important to know the object of the game when you are playing golf. Of course, a hole in one will earn the most points, but that is nearly impossible. In the end, it is all about sharpening your accuracy when you are learning the sport of golf.