29 April 2016

How to protect your website SEO negative


If we make a football metaphor on this issue we agree that to play well to this (SEO / SEO), not only better attack and take positive actions for a good search engine positioning but also must have a set eye on to properly defend the attacks do not end with a “goal”.

Leaving a little football on the sidelines, we can develop a good SEO strategy:

– Actions “White hat”: shares highly valued by search engines (mainly Google)

– Actions “Black hat” negative actions and penalized of which we have to protect: “The 7 practices penalized by Google’s Web positioning”

How to protect your website SEO negativeWhat is negative SEO?

The negative SEO would be all those techniques with a 3, with malicious intent; you can adversely affect your ranking web search engine. You can find you as follows:

– Actions to “hack” your website.

– Build thousands of low quality links pointing to your website (type viagra, online poker …).

– Copying your content and distribute it in bulk.

– Build users “fake” on social networks to attack your reputation online.

SEO preventing negative situations

Unfortunately, there are even offered users to negative SEO actions so do not be no doubt that these situations are real.

To prevent this you can do the following:

1- Active Alerts tool in your profile web master tools: so will warn you of the following situations:

– If your site has been attacked.

– If your pages are not indexed.

– If you have been penalized by Google.

2- Periodically review the links that point to your website: so you can see if there are any links you do not care that are linked to your content. Once detected you have the option to mark them as “no follow” not to a faceted your SEO. For this task you have two main tools:

– Ahrefs.

– Open Site Explorer.

3- Protect your website from hackers: if your site is successful you can be sure that at some point be attacked, sad but true, to anticipate this situation what you can do:

– Change your password to something more secure, with numbers, letters and is exclusive to this website.

– If you use WordPress you can install the Google Authenticator pluggin.

– Talk with your hosting service to put some extra antivirus.

4- Check duplicate content: this is what spammers can do is to copy your content and spread through a lot of websites that do not go according to your sector. That is a factor that can penalize you for SEO. To do something about it you can use the tool:

– Plagium: fits all search engines and lets you create alerts to receive notifications in your email.

5- Monitor the activity of your company in social networks: considering that can create fake profiles to defame your company, you can try to tackle it with tools like Social Mention or Google alerts.

As you have seen, there are people who devote their time to destroy good practices of foreign companies, therefore, the greatest advice I can give is to try to not create you enemies. To begin not worth and then you have to think that you never know who has the knowledge and time to make a bad play…