24 September 2017

How to Start Playing Tennis


Tennis is a good way to make new friends, be healthy and have fun. Here is a way you can start with it.

  1. Purchase a decent tennis racket and high-quality tennis shoes at your local sports or footwear store. If you find a professional tennis shop tell them you are just starting out – they can help you get everything you need.
  2. Read and learn about tennis, including all terms used in the game, how to avoid getting hurt, how to hit the ball correctly, etc. Try to start by watching the game as a form of fun, so you do not stress with the more confusing aspects of this sport.
  3. Find a local tennis club and become a member with the plan that best suits you. Most local tennis clubs offer private lessons, usually being the first free lessons. Attend a few sessions to get some advice on how to avoid injury and exercise properly.
  4. Participate in an event of friendly matches to meet the professionals and other regulars.
  5. Begin to learn how to serve. Hold the tennis ball in one hand and your racquet in the other. To take the racket, take the handle as if you were to wave by hand to another person or hold the racket perpendicular to the ground, and then slide your hand towards the bottom of the racket with your thumb on one side and the remaining fingers on the side opposite. Bounce the ball enough so that the racket can hit you forward. Hit him hard, so he can jump the net. Slip diagonally over the net; also hit at the optimum point of the racket. The optimum point is the center or where the racquet is where there is no vibration.
  6. Start with the right. Wait until the ball bounces once on the court when it comes back to you or is on your side of the net. Hit the ball with the optimum point.
  7. Then learn the reverse. Use this technique, if the ball is not on the side where your racket is, take your racket with both hands of the handle like a baseball bat. You can either use a backhand with one or two hands. Make sure you get a good grip.


Be friendly with the people of the club, and before you know it, you will be invited to participate in many leagues, tennis teams and even some tournament of your level.

Tennis is always more fun with friends, so if you can, invite your friends, family, and co-workers to start this sport with you. Most tennis clubs allow some kind of invite but you should definitely check with your tennis club beforehand.

Do not get discouraged by the complexity involved in playing tennis. With any game that is as old as tennis, there are different strategies, shots, types of players and formations.

Also, do lizards to gain more strength in your arms and that will help you to improve your shots.


Do not spend much money on this if you will not play much; Memberships are usually very expensive, as are shoes, rackets, and balls.

Moderate your pace: Playing too much of a sport like tennis before you know what you’re doing can lead to serious injuries, such as the dreaded “tennis elbow” or “tennis player’s knee.”

If you use the wrong technique, you can be seriously injured.

Things You’ll Need

A racket that is according to the length of your arm (a shorter racket for a tall / long-arm person), the size of your hand (a handle that fits your hand), and the strength of your arm Tension in the ropes for stronger arms will allow more precise shots, less tension will give you greater power).