20 February 2020

Improving Warehouse efficiency with the use of pallet collars


Warehouse efficiency can ensure that the demands of customers and your business are met by increasing satisfaction and overall revenue. Often simple changes are enough to boost efficiency, making it important to frequently review warehouse operations and identify potential changes.

Improving Warehousing Efficiency with Pallet Collars

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Look at factors such as the potential for decreasing labour costs and the amount of time it takes to unload and load supplies or products. Just investing in better-quality pallet racking in Ireland or offering additional training, wherever your warehouse may be, could be enough to make a huge difference to your profits.

You can often unlock valuable insights just by answering some simple questions about your company’s productivity and operations and by committing to some small changes, which could include the use of pallet collars.

The Benefits

Pallet collars offer a flexible packing choice which can help to reduce labour costs. They fold flat, making them easy to store, and tools are not needed to put them together or to take them apart.

Pallet collars can lead to a significant amount of time being saved thanks to this ease of use, and they do not take up as much storage space as pallet walls. They can be easily moved around by a single person, and pallet collars are less at risk of accidental damage because of their simple operation. This should ensure that they can be used again and again, reducing costs.

They are a fairly inexpensive choice and are proven to have the potential to increase the speed of packaging and unpacking in a similar way to how different pallet racking choices from companies such as Rackzone can make a big difference when it comes to productivity.

Another benefit of pallet collars is that they can lead to budgetary savings on packaging materials, as the need for fillers is reduced, as well as improve worker safety through their ease of operation. Detailed information about warehouse safety can be found on the HSE website at: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/hsg76.htm.

Supply-Chain Efficiency Boost

Pallet collars can also boost efficiency beyond your warehouse. They will enable receivers to efficiently and easily unload their order. The collars can even be used as part of the end users’ own display. Shippers, meanwhile, can set up a return programme, enabling pallet collars to be sent back and reused.