24 June 2018

Internet bets strengthen their position thanks to online advertising investment


Online bets ‘pull the cart’ in advertising investment through the Internet, being one of the sectors that most invests in this type of campaigns. These and the games of chance are the leaders of the ten most relevant branches of activity in terms of volume of transactions in the first quarter of 2018, according to data from the CMT.

affilinet, a leading company in results marketing and affiliation, has made public this morning its analysis of the constant growth of online betting in our country and some of the reasons that have contributed to this sector, along with electronic commerce, one of the few that has continued to grow even in spite of the crisis.

And, due to a large extent to the legislation in force, this sector has focused its resources and budgets on various online campaigns, which has brought them constant growth and a fully measurable and profitable return on investment in all phases of the implementation.

“Actually, betting houses could be a case study for any company or business that wants to develop its business, increase sales or make a brand on the Internet, since they have been able to make good use of the resources offered by the network to reach them. to your target audience, build loyalty and keep investing money with them through various promotions. Another relevant fact to note, is that for example in countries such as the United Kingdom or Ireland where offline betting houses are a tradition and very common to see, some have decided to close their ‘physical stores’ to focus and continue to expand their business online, which greatly favors the sector, “said Pilar Valcárcel-Pinto and Marta de la Torre, head of the Mybet program at affilinet.

In this sense, the use of performance marketing or marketing for results, not only provides an adequate channel to reach its target audience, but also a profitable and constant return on investment, allowing also to track and measure at all times the different campaigns or actions.

Similarly, and as with other sectors, discount codes have proven to be a very profitable and effective way to increase sales, traffic and of course the records.