7 April 2018

Internet, the option to increase sales


The former marketer of Yahoo! He recommended using technology to achieve a closer relationship between businesses and consumers.

In El Salvador, until December last year, 61,484 inhabitants of the country – about 1% of the population ?? they had access to the internet, according to data from the Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET). This access, which for many is very limited, can, however, become the best tool to position brands and products among the population.

Tim Sanders, consultant, former member of Yahoo! and an expert in the marketing area, explains it this way:? That is precisely the reason to use it with more strength, since it has a small segment, but sure that it has the purchasing power to acquire a product ??.

The Internet, which in 1994 reached only 10% of Americans, says Sanders, has also positioned itself as a tool that reduces the costs of businesses against the virtue of maintaining a closer and faster relationship with customers, that in the long run generates confidence?

Despite not specifying in what proportion a company that uses the Internet tool can grow its sales, Sanders said, during the meeting Marketing 2007, made yesterday by Tecoloco and LA PRENSA GRÁFICA, that the relationship of proximity that internet creates between the company and the consumer are translated into traffic and traffic is synonymous with revenue ??

In this sense, the marketer recommended a constant flow of information in the electronic pages of each company, since a space with updated information can give a sense of security to customers.

“Marketing today is a product of added value … marketing is psychology, so we must arrive with new elements to be able to position ourselves in the target market,” said Sanders, who also recommended that mobile telephony also take advantage of the opportunity. to become a channel of information transmission.

The former head of solutions of Yahoo! He also highlighted the progress and good performance that the marketing industry has had in El Salvador, especially in relation to customer service.