7 April 2018

Investment in Marketing and online advertising of companies continues to grow


During the past year 2007, the investment in advertising and online marketing of companies and companies presented an increase of more than 30 percent with respect to 2006. In this increase, strategies based on the promotion of services and brands through of search engines and also on sponsored links that has grown up to 47 percent, standing at the levels close to the European market.

According to a study C2 Intelligent Solutions, investment in online marketing and advertising on different media and digital media has doubled compared to previous years, confirming the continuous growth of interactive media compared to other media and communication channels.
Therefore, Online Marketing It is positioning itself and becoming more important and relevant as a tool for the promotion of companies on the Internet where advertisers bet every day more on interactive and digital media and platforms. The forecast of this increase for the coming years indicates that these levels will continue to grow due to to the good results that companies are obtaining. Transport companies, travel and tourism, finance, media, education and culture, automotive and telecommunications are the sectors and advertisers that generate the greatest benefits and income.
The diversity of formats and media for the promotion of online campaigns grow thanks to mobile marketing and online videos which have currently positioned themselves as one of the most effective resources in Viral Marketing strategies. The combination of online Marketing together with other media helps to remember the details of the advertisements and favors the purchase intention in the users.
According to Cateyano Jiménez, founding partner and director of the online marketing department of C2 Intelligent Solutions, our data indicate that while an advertising campaign increases the intention of buying or accepting the product in the exposed public by 2%, the combination of this one with online marketing increases that index up to 12%?