12 January 2019

Investment in online advertising is consolidated with searches, videos and display advertising


It is expected that this year the cost of online advertising in the US will be around 40 trillion dollars (US), destined mostly to three formats: searches, videos and display advertising (banners). A trend that will also be reflected in other areas or regions of the world, with a greater increase in some of the main emerging countries.

According to the predictions analyzed by eMarketer, these three supports will represent more than 80% of the total expenditure for the year 2016.

The search is and will continue to be the leading format for a long time, despite the fact that its share of total advertising spending will experience, according to forecasts, a slight decrease from this year until 2016, going from 48% to 46.9%, while that the video will practically double its share going from 7.9% this year to 15% in 2016. The banners, meanwhile, will also experience a somewhat more significant decrease, going from 24.1% to 20.5%, but maintaining his second place as advertising support on the internet.

Video continues to be the fastest growing format in online advertising, increasing spending among advertisers by almost 55% this year after a growth of 42.1% in 2011. This strong double-digit rise will continue throughout of the forecast made by eMarketer.

The growth of other formats remains strong, especially because of the prospects for the National Elections and the Summer Olympics this year, so the rates will undoubtedly increase.

The continuous dominance of the search as the format of the leading digital advertising is presented as a small surprise, with its adoption rates almost universal among consumers and with great popularity in both the desktop and mobile websites.

Meanwhile, the strength of the banners on both the desktop and mobile websites along with the increase in spending on video ads for both platforms are the two most important arguments related to graphic advertising.