22 June 2020

Is productivity affected by cleaning?


Business managers should be, quite rightly, focused on activities such as managing employees, marketing, sales and profit increases. These are all important activities that affect the company’s bottom line. However, what most managers do not realize is that how clean their workplace is can also affect the bottom line. A dirty, unhealthy work place can cause large hidden costs for businesses.

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Millions of pounds and working hours are lost each year due to staff illness or injury, and yet there is still reluctance or ignorance on the prevention of disease, reduction of absenteeism and promoting health and well-being. There is a clear connection between a clean environment, a healthy work force and increased productivity. For help from Office cleaners City Of London, visit a site like https://classiccleaningservices.com/commercial-cleaning-services/office-cleaning/office-cleaning-london/office-cleaners-city-of-london/

Studies by different organizations have found that by following a cleaning protocol regularly and comprehensively, reducing dust levels has great benefits for both comfort and health. Consider the implications of dusty environments. If staff suffer with itchy, watery eyes, dry throat, fatigue and headache, there would be a loss of performance.

Symptoms caused by large areas of dust, such as those derived from old carpets have been shown to have a bad impact on focus, concentration, creativity, arithmetic, logic and typing skills.

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Billions of pounds are lost each financial year because workers are not present or are unable to complete their normal duties because of illness or injury. The figures are derived from salaries and estimates of time spent on the job in a reduced capacity due to illness.