26 January 2018

Is the Church the best Social Media Marketing company of all time?


The Church, that religious institution has in its possession a trajectory of several centuries of history. Who was going to tell him, when he began timidly his first steps, that his modus operandi, established from its beginnings, would be the example to follow in his daily work for today’s companies, the 21st century, as a result of the introduction of new technologies.

We can not forget that as an organization, the marketing and merchandising machinery of the church far exceeds that of major international brands. All a millionaire business that takes advantage of the potential of a brand that also understands and a lot about that of “emotions”.

But yes, there it is. During all this time has been able to develop, evolve and endure to this day. Today it is still fully active, creating a school, thanks to its main actors.

The Pope, who holds the supreme power on earth, directly representing the Most High. He is the supreme leader, the visible head. It exercises its management functions and only appears at specific moments, when circumstances require it, as would the president of the company.

Bishops, deacons, priests … First level representatives, with voice and vote. Its doctrine has an evangelizing character; They are like gurus. In turn, they have the full confidence of their superiors. They directly transmit the Divine Word, they are like the voice of the company. You have to follow his teachings, perfectly valid and applicable, if you intend to achieve the goal that you set: enjoy eternal life. The Social Media Manager can learn a lot from these figures. You can adopt their gift for planning, the way they know their faithful and the way they convey their message. They know how to choose the right channel and the moment in which to transmit their message, as well as what communication strategy to follow in order to reach their goal. They are a good example to follow.

Religious and religious. Those little ants that put their grain of sand in this company, working day and night without rest. They execute the orders that come to them from their congregation, they are fully employed to improve the situation of their community, their delivery is absolute. They care about their community, listen to them with attention, attend to their requests and also defend the Church with fervor, trying by all means that their listeners follow their instructions and become faithful followers. They would be the perfect Community Managers, they could not ask for more.

At the other extreme, we have certain characters who, using the good reputation of the Church, try to put in their own benefit. They are the charlatans, those false gurus who that they are given to possess the absolute truth and in fact from their mouth they only appear words put one behind the other, which are very well, but are empty of content. In social media you meet day after day with people of this ilk, who try to sell you eternal life in ready-made packages, which also have them on offer. Do not think about it and ignore its doctrine.

All this might seem strange if we did not take into account that for many Jesus, he was the best “merchant” of all time because he “planned” every step he took, every way he communicated, he always sought to send a “message”, always examining the the best moment (opportunity) in order to transmit and therefore his audience would follow him and offer him “fidelity” basing his strategy on the “satisfaction” of the most loyal followers, in other words: BrandLove!

So, could we say that the Church is the best social media company of all time?