13 January 2017

Keys to Becoming a Star on YouTube


The potential of the Internet has no limits, and the explosion in video’s popularity makes YouTube sites an ideal space for sharing skills or talents. Today, with these tools and a little creativity, the path to fame is just a click away.

That Internet is the official entertainment destination of millions of people, is no surprise to anyone. More than 4 billion hours of video are watched a month, and growth is exponential: today users see 50 million hours of video per day more than a year ago. But … Is the Internet the ideal launching platform for talent in the world?

There are many and varied examples that confirm items: cases like Justin Bieber or South Korean Park Jae-Sang (PSY), which made the world move to the rhythm of his “Gangam Style” on YouTube. Thanks to the digital revolution, more and more, a new wave of digital celebrities has emerged who become famous by evangelizing and sharing their experiences and passions through vlogs or video blogs.

Keys to Becoming a Star on YouTubeChannels about fashion, travel, cooking, video games, movies or news allow its creators to win the recognition of thousands of followers and have the potential to make a person famous, to give him recognition and even fortune. Some of them get $ 100,000 a year in advertising, not counting those who access the fame and sign a contract with a brand that sponsors.

The case of Catalina López, graphic designer by conviction, fashion designer by passion and image advisor by vocation, she began uploading videos to Youtube because she wanted to share her knowledge. Today, only a few years later, Lopez (known on YouTube as “Cló”) has almost 14 thousand followers in the channel, more than 4 million visits, and has greatly strengthened its business.

“I never imagined that this could happen to me,” comments Lopez. “I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for fashion and share the advice I gave my friends with more people. But more and more followers came and I discovered that talking about fashion is what I like to do. “ But what steps need to be taken to make the videos successful?

Squeezing the content: Most importantly, and the key that no one wants to make known should forget, is that content is what matters. You can promote a channel, get broadcast, add flashy elements to the videos, but nothing will be as definitive as the content at the time the audience decides to continue playing or not. It is better not to save anything: all the knowledge and all the content of value that you have on a subject must be turned to give the best to the public.

Be clear and entertaining: Someone who really wants to try to fix something for himself, for example, may see a tutorial even if it’s boring. But if you want to go further and get interested audiences on certain topics in general, it is important that you find something fun, interesting and dynamic, so you do not want to get off the screen.

Viralize: Lastly, we can not forget that over 72 hours of video per minute are generated on the web. This means that once you create interesting, entertaining and quality content, you need to take the first kick to make it known. If the video is good, the rest will be done alone, when the first viewers share it with their friends. But the first step is to publish it on different social networks, comment on other videos to give visibility to the account, and even share other videos, to create a network of youtubers in which the content begins to spread.

Why Youtube?

Youtube is ideal for those people who have something that they passionate can show the world, whether artists who want to show their talent, or people with a specialty on which they yearn to share their knowledge. The most interesting thing is that the audience is the one who will decide if the content is worth it or not, and thus get more visits and visibility videos really good or attractive.

In many areas, such as the fashion world, video games or cooking, there is a new phenomenon in which many bloggers use Youtube to share their experiences, advice and knowledge with groups of followers. It is probably not an ephemeral fashion, but videobloggers are here to stay. Now it is the audience that has the power to choose which ones to follow to get them to consecrate themselves in their specialty.