28 October 2020

Making sure that the materials are bonded together

By ruiiid5

One of the most difficult processes in manufacturing is ensuring that materials that need to be conjoined stay together. It is a very important and expanding business especially as competition in the sector of manufacturing remains fierce. The issue stems from the fact that the process of metal to metal bonding is not completely up to speed with what technology and process demands. The bonding process is still rooted in some traditional methods and the time for the bonding process to set, or cure, can take up to a week. In this “want it now, need it now” business world that timescale is frequently unwanted even if it is realistic to expect it.

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The other issue that firms in the Metal bonding adhesive industry find is that the types of metal involved that need to be bonded vary greatly. Modern and light alloys such as aluminium are notoriously difficult to bond whereas light steel and iron are more inclined to adhere to the substances.

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One company that is trying to buck this trend and developed a new substance is the bonding specialist  firm CT1. They have developed and are at present developing some new and improved Metal bonding adhesive systems that is speeding up the process and creating a greater bond between the metal. These bondings ensure the connection stays stronger for longer. This will have a huge impact for industry and the wider market.