13 April 2018

Marketing and Innovation Keys for 2018


The Innovation is the application of new ideas, concepts, products, services and practices intended to be useful for increasing productivity. An essential element of innovation is its successful application commercially. Not only must invent something, if not, for example introduce it in the market so that people can enjoy it. This will be one of the terms and keywords for this year 2018 according to surveys and surveys made to experts and professionals by the Next Level Strategic Marketing Group.

This study highlights the importance of innovative strategies and new marketing initiatives that experts say should find more creative ways to reach audiences. Lack of public confidence in the effects of advertising is compressible due to the different changes in the consumption of means. The goal of marketing innovation is to create a big commotion in the market. Consumers should be surprised and intrigued and may even feel provoked at times. These actions are the result of carrying out an extravagant thought, having value and facing risks. During this year 2017, we have been able to verify that creative ingenuity has been without sweat the winner of this race where innovative Viral Marketing campaigns
They have managed to capture the highest audience shares and effectiveness. EEM Rogers defines the term ” innovation ” as an idea, a practice or an object perceived as new. Business innovation goes far beyond the mere invention of new products: it can be produced in any process or functional area of ​​the company. In fact, a coherent and effective innovation requires the excellence of the entire organization. The company can innovate through different aspects where the development of new products is contemplated (product innovation, new manufacturing processes and techniques (manufacturing innovation), new ways of reaching customers (marketing innovation) or the new approaches to employee compensation and empowerment (human resource innovation).