16 November 2017

Marketing and mobile technology: The new reality of users and companies


Nobody can escape since the smartphone has been stomping, and to stay. It is already part of the daily props of the users, who have turned it into an extension of their anatomy. The web traffic from these smartphones has doubled in one year. Given this reality, there is no other question than what are the main interests of users? What can companies do to take advantage of this new situation?

Marketing and mobile technology The new reality of users and companiesThe smartphone has been established as a usual tool as a purchase tool. In 2015, mobile ecommerce is expected to reach a volume of no less than 119 billion dollars.Nowadays, the amount of purchases through the mobile phone has almost equaled that of the ecommerce that is carried out through the desktop computer.

Most of the actions that are carried out with the mobile are related to the purchase of products, it has been constituted as a new form of leisure. One third of users turn to their smartphone to find a store, another third to search for information about the products they need and to compare their price; the same percentage is dedicated to finding information about the product in the store itself and 26% makes their purchases through the pocket screen.

A fact that draws great attention is that Only 46% of companies have optimized their website for mobile devices, there are still many companies that have not been mobilized in this sense, never better. On the other hand, the percentage of mobile apps in the market is very similar, which suggests that this sector does develop effectively.

35% of companies, aware of the high potential of emailing as a sales tool, already have a mobile version. This greatly increases the effectiveness of your message.

1 in 3 smartphone users share their location

Geolocation actions have a growing relevance. It is necessary to take care of it in all aspects: from the SEO optimization for local searches, to the implementation of geolocalized promotional actions; without forgetting the potential that social networks also have in this sense, especially Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter. 27% of companies have already launched geotargetized actions , is this your case? Do you have a specific smartphone strategy? what does it consist of?