1 July 2021

Marketing from the 60s to Today

By ruiiid5

Marketing is something that companies all over the world use to help their business to grow and to build awareness of them. Throughout the years, marketing has changed quite a lot, as the way we communicate has also evolved.


As businesses grew, particularly in America, where many people were enjoying the post war culture of freedom, competition started to increase. This was when marketing as we know it today started to become something that many businesses started to use to get ahead.


One of the things that became popular around this time and is still something that marketing companies today focus on heavily, is having a brand. A company that has an instantly recognisable brand has the advantage – take McDonalds as a great example of this. You can go anywhere in the world and be sure of what you are getting, as well as the fact that you will be able to recognise the strong McDonalds logo and branding from afar!

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As well as this, companies wanted to communicate with potential customers – radio and television advertising became huge as businesses stripped over each other to showcase their goods and services in a positive light.

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These are things that businesses still do nowadays, however in our modern world so much more is done online. This is why companies like SEO Belfast based company Ryco marketing exist, to bring marketing into businesses websites and out onto their social media platforms, allowing them to use marketing for modern times.