29 July 2016

Marketing the best investment in times of crisis


When we analyze the situation of our environment, quickly we came to the obvious conclusion “is not the best situation to sell or promote our products.” So it is in these times of crisis when the best ideas are the most successful? Or what is the same How do we differentiate ourselves?

From an analytical point of view, any “Marketer” I would say that indeed, in this situation is when to make the greatest efforts and provide greater dedication to the management of our company; It is now that creativity, innovation and above all, common sense play their greatest asset.

Usually, when there is a decrease in the profits of companies, one of the first games in Marketing is reduced. We must resort to investment in new channels traditionally used by our company, investigate new ways of communicating with our customers and how to approach potential users of our products.

Marketing the best investment in times of crisisTo get us strong there are a number of keys that must not forget:

  1. Investigate customers: ? Those who already have and potential, what they want, what you want? And especially How can we offer it ?. The result of the research will lay the foundation for our future development.
  2. Investigate competitors : who they are and they do what they are doing well we use it as a reference (not to invent the wheel) to review our strategies.
  3. Check all our portfolio of products to suit the real needs of customers. No need for profound changes if you do not have to do it, maybe, only to re – launch a product or service that includes new or enhanced features is enough.
  4. And selectively communicate effectively: We must optimize communication of our company to fit what really is effective using for it the closest to our potential customer channels.

If we look at an example of a company that has been able to adapt their strategies to the times in which we live, a clear highlight would be Coca Cola, which has managed to adapt its communication to the real needs of the market, creating channels becomes experiences consumers.

They have gone from traditional advertising to “experience” online that is definitely where the consumer was creating some campaigns aimed at generating profits for its users. We could put some examples such as the campaign launched to combat the sedentary lifestyle or the latest customization cans of coke.

So how do we defend the use of Marketing in the current situation? In a very simple way, not mistaking Marketing with spending, but by associating the concept of investment. Investment for the future, to prepare, to analyze and, of course, for those companies that use these concepts are ready.

For the latter, times of crisis are without a doubt opportunity, as have learned to use new techniques to reposition itself in the market.