12 May 2017

Mobile devices and social media are going to transform email marketing


Asked what new developments are going to affect their email marketing programs over the next 12 months, 58% of marketers interviewed in a MarketingSherpa study cited the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones, and 57% pointed to The social media. 

Mobile devices and social media are going to transform email marketingBut while companies see changes because of the proliferation of these smart terminals, they are encountering serious problems with the integration of their email programs and mobility, with only 21% acknowledging that they have done so. In comparison, 75% reported having achieved the integration of mobility and web pages, and 56% their social medial efforts

Another sign of the problems companies are having when it comes to integrating mobile and email is that only 42% of marketers recognized that they were designing their emails by adapting them to mobile devices, despite the fact that the number Of open emails on mobiles is increasing.

Returning to the issue of what new developments affect e-mail programs, the study says that a significant proportion of companies are also seeing changes in the use of engagement metrics in webmail clients, both in terms of mail distribution (40%) and location-based marketing (29%). On the contrary, only 1 in 10 respondents believe that the ludication of marketing programs will bring changes to their email programs.

The MarketingSherpa report was made last December 2012 on a basis of 1-095 interviews with executives and marketers.

Constant Contact conducted a study where SMEs are encouraged to implement marketing strategies that take advantage of multiple existing platforms to generate a variety of opportunities for conversion.

According to the study, companies that use Social Media Marketing along with e-mail marketing, have greater benefits in their campaigns, manifesting themselves in better conversion rates and therefore a higher return on investment.