22 February 2018

Mobile Marketing Evolution or Revolution?


72% of users access the Internet from smartphones and tablets, an opportunity for companies and advertising

The apogee of smartphones and tables has caused an online communication strategy is not complete until an advertising action on the devices is developed mobile The rise of this type of advertising has been growing in recent years in parallel with the increase in people with access to the Internet from their phones. So much so that since 2009, this percentage has increased considerably (from 57% at that time to 72% in 2011).

Following with the figures and according to a study carried out by the consultancy The Cocktail Analysis, many users prefer to receive ads on their mobile phones because they are the first to know everything, because of the immediacy of taking the device with them everywhere and because of this They have better access to certain information of interest and offers. Moreover, 68% of Internet users on the mobile would be willing to receive more publicity if it obtained some benefit and 46% would like to have a direct relationship through their device with a brand.

For businesses, mobile marketing is a cheap way to advertise. But in addition to the economic advantages, the brand can segment its audience and take advantage of the speed of communication and its reach. Currently, most of the current investment in mobile marketing is devoted to the development of sponsored applications to download and to SMS marketing, although the possibilities of innovating with less traditional strategies are enormous.

Are we facing evolution or revolution?

The answer is that both. It is a natural evolution in the use of the possibilities offered by the latest models of mobile telephony and revolution because mobile marketing has become an extension of traditional marketing strategies by changing the language, actions, interaction with the user and the disappearance of the concepts space and time as we know them today. If the numbers continue to rise, this would only be the beginning.