23 November 2015

Most Common E-Commerce Design Mistakes


How your online store is designed can influence your sales potential, with some design mistakes losing you business. Make use of expert specialists such as a Cardiff web design company to ensure you avoid the most common e-commerce design errors.

Common E-Commerce Design Mistakes

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Inadequate Descriptions

If your online product descriptions do not give customers a detailed insight into what they are buying, you could end up losing a sale. Make sure your shopping pages include elements such as size, colour, weight, materials and uses. Bullet points are a good way to get lots of information across in an easy-to-read format. As well as giving comprehensive product descriptions, include a detailed FAQ section which includes elements of the transaction process such as shipping costs, delivery times, returns and other terms and conditions.

Poor Images

Images are a strong influencing factor for making a purchase, so ensure you include good-quality images to accompany product descriptions. Include about four or five images showcasing different angles, and have a zoom-in feature.

Confusing Navigation

Your e-commerce shop should be easy to navigate with a clear and logical structure. Avoid over-complicating your site, and do not include excessive pages or stages for completing a purchase. Give customers the option to easily add or edit their shopping cart, and make sure you accept various payment methods using secure facilities. When designing a site, place related products close together to increase purchase potential.

Hard to Get in Touch

Make your contact details clear and visible by displaying them on the front page or on the header or footer. Give customers different options to get in contact with you. This can help to build trust and gives consumers an outlet for finding out further information.

No Search Function

Ensure that your e-commerce site has a search function, and make it effective to use by adding filters to narrow search options down. Make use of an expert e-commerce design agency such as Cardiff web design business ambercouch.co.uk, who can ensure your products are easy to find on your site.

Creating an Account

If customers are required to create an account before making a purchase, you could potentially put people off and they may abort their transaction. Make it simple for customers to make a purchase, and if you want to capture their details, include this as an option at the end of the transaction.