14 April 2016

Need inspiration? 5 Effective Ways to be more creative


From my point of view, almost all have to reach minimum capacity for learning. At the end of the day it is to store, process and use a range of data and experience that we have read or have told us. All this is a natural and ordinary act: understand-digest-apply. And that the vast majority are given great but my friend, you will need something else to stand out in a highly competitive where every day you step ecosystem.

We go to college, postgraduate courses, and seminars and strive to learn from the best, it does not guarantee you stand for truth in your area. So what’s missing?

Need inspiration 5 Effective Ways to be more creative“Need inspiration to take your side and bring more creative something different, something that makes you recognizable not have taken some of nowhere and what you can attributed as your creation”

If you get to that point to bring innovation of “homegrown” will be when you can make that leap of quality that both crave. That bit of genius will make valuable contributions ideas, make a presentation yours be remembered or be a different blogger to rest for example.

5 effective ways to be more creative

Although this creativity seems something 100% innate and one is hung the label to be creative not, indeed can work to get your creative side and most importantly, you can create a personal routines for the inspiration come to you when you really need. The roads to find this point are:

1- Find a gambling activity accessible: This is the basis to appease the greatest enemy of creativity: stress. Many creative what they say is that when creating “are playing”. For many it is the sport, a game of cards, do legos … whatever! But it has to be an activity that relaxes you and allows you to think more freely so that your thoughts do not run over in your head.

2- Practice visual thinking: This means that if you have a problem to solve or see a situation more perspective, draw it! And you can do on a blackboard in a notebook or something that works very well is on a wall gradually introducing key post-its with annotations. All this may seem merely decorative look really makes the question itself differently and causing can visualize what worries us a glance.

3- Expand knowledge voraciously: In some situations you could feel locked you can spend just missing knowledge. To expand is very likely that ideas appear along the way.

4- Make an exhaustive account of the situation 3o: If you do not have to hand this 3rd person, invent, the issue is that you can explain the situation aloud. This simple exercise is to make a whole mental review and may cause some moments of lucidity.

5- Give way to your creative space: Buy yourself a book, or watch hand for example a mobile application that lets you make notes at any time. The issue is that you are prepared for when it appears something in your head because as interesting ideas come can go.