24 March 2017

Negative Comments Are they really an opportunity for brands


It is a fact that the opinion of other users is the one that most influences us when deciding for a particular brand or product. According to comScore, no less than 75% of customers recognize that it takes into account comments and recommendations they had read from other consumers before buying. In that case, what happens when a brand has negative comments? 

Obviously, nobody likes criticism, and brands less; So it is inevitable to put the cry in the sky when we are the center of those contemptuous opinions; But it is important to keep your head cool and know how to control the situation:

Negative Comments Are they really an opportunity for brandsNegative comments can reinforce the positive ones. Nobody is perfect, and the brands either. Customers are not stupid; Their experience tells them that a product full of praise is too perfect, which makes questioning their truthfulness. It is therefore important to make proper management of negative comments.

Practice freedom of expression. In any case, it is not advisable to apply censorship to a comment that we do not like. The company must bet on transparency and reflect the reality of the brand. If you delete a negative comment, you can even make the situation worse, since the client can look for other alternative ways to record their discomfort. On the other hand, if you assume your share of responsibility and you are willing to offer a solution, you will be able to succeed; Giving samples plus that you are a company that effectively cares about its customers.

Dirty clothes are washed at home. What is necessary is that the brand offers all the channels at your disposal so that customers can approach with the peace of mind that they will be taken care of. This offers great confidence. 80% of customers are even willing to pay more if they get better service. There may be a setback, but there will always be someone behind to assist you.

They serve to attract evangelizes. The client who decides to post a negative comment on social networks shows that he is someone active in this environment; Who has taken the trouble to transmit his discomfort and make himself heard publicly. It is a potential evangelize, someone who, if he finally gets a reasonable solution from the brand, will not hesitate to echo his experience, and transmit it in his environment. It is wise to show an intelligent attitude and know how to win over this disgruntled customer.

Would you give an opportunity to a brand, even though it had criticisms? Given this dilemma, it is inevitable to make an assessment, to weigh the personal opinion about the product, along with the assessment of those who have already tried it. Although negative comments weigh more than positives, it is always important to assess the magnitude of criticism. They may refer to an aspect that does not particularly affect the user. For example, if the company does not meet the deadline, when ordering, upe take into account this condition, choosing to choose an alternative route, such as going to pick it up at the store itself.

It turns criticism into a competitive advantage. Continuing with the case of delay in sending; In addition to improving the conditions contracted with the courier company, the brand can alleviate this disadvantage by offering some type of compensation in the event that your order is delayed. This will also boost your confidence in the brand.